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Pictures list from February 23th, 2002

A circular trek starting at Dambul Morii; the ascent by Drumul Familial , the descent by Sapte Scari canyon which, besides being forbidden during the winter, at that time was also quite damaged! Risky.

1. Cosmin walking strongly

2. Myself on a small bridge

3. Somewhere in the forest, everyone

4. Cosmin and me; there's snow already

5. Cosmin and Nico

6. Nico and me on a bench

7. Cosmin

8. Nico in the snow

9. Nico walking thru an artificial snowstorm

10. Myself on the plateau

11. Cosmin and snow formations

12. Strange snow shapes

13. Nico during the descent

14. In the Sapte Scari canyon