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Pictures list from April 15th, 2002

Alps in the Cantone Ticino. Two trips in the same day; the first one is between Airolo (1200m high) and Biasca (600m) on a 30km bike trail. The second is an ascent by the train (actually more like a tram) on Monte Generoso and a 20-30min walk to its peak.

1. The Ticinese Alps (220 kB)

2. Some spectacular water rapids (276 kB)

3. Same rapids (256 kB)

4. Swiss landscape and me (365 kB)

5. Overview from Mt. Generoso (103 kB)

6. Again (113 kB)

7. And again (83 kB)

8. On a Swiss-Italian border stone (80 kB)

9. Another stone, just at the top (155 kB)

10. Snow, fog and mountains (157 kB)

11. The train which brought me here (130 kB)