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Pictures list from June 17th, 2002

Two days trip; the first was a very long and tiring trail, starting at the Casa de Piatra village towards the Padis chalet , the circuit around Cetatile Ponorului and back; Cosmin and I took a crazy risk and insisted for all of us to descend into Cetati where a loose rock nearly missed Vasile; fortunately he only got some bruises to his hands. On the second day only a car trip; in the same day I decided to leave (big stupidity) and the others stayed for a few more days.

1. Horses on the road (177 kB)

2. En route to Cetatile Ponorului (347 kB)

3. Cosmin in a small cave (239 kB)

4. Me with a signpost (305 kB)

5. A bit closer to Cetatile Ponorului (319 kB)

6. Scattered in the grass (360 kB)

7. At the base of Cetatile Ponorului (292 kB)

8. Again at the base (115 kB)

9. Shaken picture taken from the truck towards Casa de Piatra (62 kB)

10. Second day, close to the small home where we slept (266 kB)

11. Again by the house, Nico and Cosmin (275 kB)

12. The small house (203 kB)