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Pictures list from April 19th, 2003

Vosges Range, to the East of the country near Strasbourg. We climbed by car to the highest summit (1400m; the average elevation of the surrounding valleys is only 5-600m) then descended on foot to a small village called Metzerel. Heavy fighting took place in these mountains during 1914-1918; we've also visited old trenches, fortifications and a monument to the French soldiers. Ioana was with us only while by car.

1. Vasile hiding (323 kB)

2. In the trenches, Ioana and myself (203 kB)

3. Me inside, Vasile mocks at me (219 kB)

4. Everyone (214 kB)

5. The whole massif (205 kB)

6. Ioana and Vasile in the summit (109 kB)

7. Me near a lake (224 kB)

8. Vasile near the same lake (217 kB)

9. Descending towards Metzerel, Vasile (211 kB)

10. Descending towards Metzerel, myself (148 kB)

11. A monument next to the trail (380 kB)

12. Vasile and me at a small lake (200 kB)

13. The two of us again (269 kB)