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The descent from Negoiu summit to Piscu Negru was full of adventures. Initially I got lost (even with trail marking, map and GPS unit! seems incredible but it's true) which delayed me by over an hour and forced me to climb some rocks in a somehow dangerous manner; afterwards the shoe found on Negoiu Peak also broke, forcing me to bandage it with the pair of trousers (this is visible to my left foot, the dark bandage). Finally for the last hour I got some heavy rain; not only I was soaked but the forestry road which was the final leg of my trip became a sea of mud; after all, it got dark also :-)

But all those unforeseen events make the mountain trips beautiful so I was very happy in the end. Here in the picture I was very happy for reaching the car without problems and knew that I was about to get warm inside the car. One can see a bit of my car too (green) - I had the camera standing on it.