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Pictures list from June 14th, 2003

By far my favourite trip so far; I keep some unforgettable memories from it. Night time and full-moon trip on the route from Capra chalet (departure at 9pm) - Capra Lake and Saddle - Vanatoarea lui Buteanu peak - Vaiuga Saddle and valley - Balea chalet - Capra Saddle - main ridge under Vartopel/Arpasel - Fereastra Zmeilor Saddle - Capra chalet with arrival at 7.15am. The moon reflected on Capra Lake, the silence broken only by some invisible waters, the alternance between clear sky and thick fog, my moonshade were all wonderful!

1. Vidraru Lake, quite empty (158 kB)

2. The 4 Climbers memorial and the moon (121 kB)

3. The moon reflected in Capra lake (22 kB)

4. Thick fog in Capra Saddle (156 kB)

5. Still in thick fog, Vanatoarea lui Buteanu Summit (90 kB)

6. St. Bernard guarding Balea chalet (204 kB)

7. Again Capra Saddle, without fog (185 kB)

8. The sun has risen, sheep are out (187 kB)

9. Sun, shadow and a plane (89 kB)