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Pictures list from June 28th, 2003

Most dangerous trip so far. Climbed without problems the trail from the Voina Chalet to the Iezer lake an shelter then took the main ridge. In some places the forest is devastated by avalanches and looks very bad. The initial plan called for a complete walk of the main ridge up to Papusa Peak - Gradisteanu Saddle then to Cuca chalet ; however in Spintecatura Papusii I realised that I'm out of time so decided to go down towards the Cuca chalet directly thru an unmarked valley . The idea turned out to be bad, around 1300-1500m altitude I had to pass some difficult obstacles (above the waterbed, hanging on the nearby vegetation). Due to delays the night fell; without flashlight and with new moon (fortunately one could vaguely see around). I've reached again the Voina Chalet after 11pm. I can only hope that after this trip I became more responsable...

1. Forest destroyed by avalanche (373 kB)

2. Destroyed forest (374 kB)

3. The Iezer lake (300 kB)

4. Also the Iezer lake, seen from above (145 kB)

5. Descending next to a stream (326 kB)

6. A snowy cave (275 kB)

7. The entrance of the cave (218 kB)