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Pictures list from July 12th, 2003

Day and night; a follow-up to the previous trip, this time eastwards. Cabana Capra - Fereastra Zmeilor (here I saw a mountain goat; the only time in 2003) - lake Podragel - Podragu Chalet (daylight until now; from now on night time) - Podragu Saddle - main ridge - Fereastra Zmeilor - Capra Lake with going down towards Transfagarasan and the final leg on paved road. This time I've reached the car around 3.30am.

1. Arpasel and Vartopel ridges

2. Fereastra Zmeilor

3. Lake Podragel

4. Podragu Lake and Chalet

5. Nerlinger Memorial

6. Vidraru Dam