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Pictures list from September 6th, 2003

A nice South-North cross of the mountain. I've left my Bucharest home at 5:45 by city bus, train, two microbuses then two times hitchhiking to Cabana Capra (where I arrived around 14h, after more than 8 hours on the road). The trail was Cabana Capra - Fereastra Zmeilor - main ridge - Podragu saddle - Podragu Chalet - Turnuri Chalet - Victoria (arrival at 10.15pm). It was the day when Mars was visible; in the evening, after having left the mountains, the landscape was extraordinary, with the Moon and Mars together on the sky. I have some nice memories from this trip.

1. Towards Capataneni in a minibus (136 kB)

2. Vartopel and Arpasel ridges (173 kB)

3. Inside Fereastra Zmeilor shelter (236 kB)

4. La Trei Pasi de Moarte (269 kB)

5. Ice and rocks (232 kB)

6. Sea of ice (131 kB)

7. Two-coloured ridge (169 kB)

8. Array of tourists on the marked trail (375 kB)

9. Feeding some friends (281 kB)

10. Moon and Mars over the ridge (18 kB)

11. Waiting for the bus at 11pm (141 kB)