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Pictures list from January 18th, 2004

Round-trip from Dambu Morii to the Piatra Mare summit and back; went up by Sapte Scari and down by Familial road . Lots of snow on the final part of the trip between the Piatra Mare chalet and the summit; as for the weather it alternated between thick fog and completely clear.

1. Ice inside Sapte Scari (191 kB)

2. Cosmin climbing the big ladder (192 kB)

3. Both of us during a break (224 kB)

4. View from the plateau (66 kB)

5. A friendly dog (141 kB)

6. Cosmin in snow (150 kB)

7. Cosmin going up (108 kB)

8. Cosmin on rocks (105 kB)

9. Close to the top (75 kB)

10. Me on the summit with Brasov as background (91 kB)