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Pictures list from March 6th, 2004

A trip very similar to the one taken one month and a half ago. Busteni - Caminul Alpin - Pichetu Rosu - Poiana Izvoarelor Chalet on the marked trail, with a beaten path and daylight; nice views towards the main ridge. After a good meal we proceeded: Poiana Izvoarelor - Saua La Cleste - 73A National Road (3km away Predeal) without markings (free navigation by GPS), nor trail (we opened one in the fluffy snow), by night with the help of the torches and full moon. Superb! Unfortunately due to a wrong setting in the camera the pictures were taken at a low resolution of 640x480.

1. Me climbing (65 kB)

2. Both of us (37 kB)

3. Lights and shadows (49 kB)

4. Lots of snow at Pichetu Rosu (68 kB)

5. Also at Pichetu Rosu, Bogdan takes pictures (52 kB)

6. View from Poiana Izvoarelor to Garbova (25 kB)

7. Together with the moon (35 kB)

8. The moon, trees and lots of snow (11 kB)

9. Bogdan looking at the main ridge (30 kB)

10. During the night (19 kB)