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Pictures list from March 21st, 2004

We climbed from Azuga up a small valley to La Cleste (Baiului) saddle then continued to Diham chalet - Poiana Izvoarelor ; - Gura Diham . The snow layer was quite big; from Azuga to Saua La Cleste we opened the trail and this took us a lot of time.

1. Climbing the valley (248 kB)

2. Camelia and Cosmin lifting Nico out of the snow (276 kB)

3. Near a snow wall (134 kB)

4. Everyone (99 kB)

5. Me in an igloo (97 kB)

6. Nico, Cosmin and me next to the igloo (179 kB)

7. Again the main ridge, before sunset (120 kB)