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Pictures list from April 25th, 2004

Beautiful one-day trip; by car to Plaiul Foii then 10 hours in the mountain; from the Spirla Shelter we proceeded under the main ridge until Prepeleac , next to Funduri Saddle; the snow and the flowing rocks were loved (by me) and hated (by the girls) in the same time! Return by Granicerului Cross then the Granicerilor Trail back to the chalet. Congratulations to the girls for their excellent shape; in the end they went even faster than me.

1. A mare with its son, ridges and snow (207 kB)

2. Nico inside a tree (359 kB)

3. Georgiana inside the same tree (365 kB)

4. Everyone at the Spirla shelter (241 kB)

5. Girls resting in the grass, at Spirla (380 kB)

6. Going up thru the snow (189 kB)

7. Inside a rock (338 kB)

8. Between some vegetation (359 kB)

9. Me, inclined (168 kB)

10. Georgiana and Nico, inclined (187 kB)

11. Two guys which we met (176 kB)

12. With Georgiana in Stancului Cave (267 kB)

13. Georgiana at the cave entrance (237 kB)

14. At Granicerului Cross (307 kB)

15. Finally back to Plaiul Foii (161 kB)