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Pictures list from May 1st, 2004

One-day tip; the initial plan called for walking for three quarters of the time during daylight and the final quarter under the moonshine; due to delays the proportion ended being equal. We've trekked the eastern half of the ridge trail: Voina - Saua Argesel - Saua Gainatu Mare - Saua Gradisteanu - Papusa Peak; then descended via Spintecatura Papusii (here the night fell), Batrana Peak and Plaiul lui Patru . We only needed flashlights while walking in the forest; above the treeline the moonlight was more than enough. Unfortunately Elvis had a foot problem only one hour into the trip so he had to return; he waited for us at the car.

1. In saua Argesel

2. Fir-trees and flowers

3. Plaiul lui Patru, Fracea si Tambura

4. The Piatra Craiului massif, far away

5. Bogdan climbing Papusa Peak

6. The Iezerul Mare and Rosu summits engulfed by clouds

7. Bogdan before reaching the summit

8. Again before the summit

9. All of Piatra Craiului

10. The ridge between Spintecatura Papusii and Batrana

11. Plaiul lui Patru trailhead