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Pictures list from May 8th, 2004

I was fouled by the small amount of snow in the Iezer range a week before so I thought one can climb one of the gentle trails which reach the Fagaras main ridge from south. Mistake, there was plenty of snow there so I had to come back. Car left at Piscu Negru then walk to Podeanu-Florea saddle ; here the original plan called for the reach of main ridge next to Lespezi Peak but it was changed to a climb on a secondary foot of Podeanu Monutain up to some 2130m where lots of snow started to appear. The descent was again by Saua Podeanu-Florea then unmarked thru the forest towards the Transfagarasan road. I had the luck to find a trail with a forestry or shepherds' marking and the bad luck to exit the mountain on the wrong side of Capra River so I had to cross it (a bit dangerous).

1. Water under snow, Lespezi stream (270 kB)

2. Vidraru Lake, far away (123 kB)

3. Main ridge in clouds (151 kB)

4. The Transfagarasan road (98 kB)

5. Defending my property (251 kB)

6. Strange trail and marking (271 kB)

7. Undecided tree (396 kB)

8. Capra stream (248 kB)

9. Nice roadside writing (260 kB)