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Pictures list from May 22nd, 2004

We've left the Predeal-Rasnov national road where the road to Forban and Diham splits; we've climbed to Malaesti Chalet thru Glajarie then Malaesti valley ; then at the chalet I convinced Nico to continue thru upper Tiganesti valley towards Bran . The snow was much more abundant than expected; also the maximum elevation we've attained (2190m) was about 200m higher than our reading on the map. The weather was changing; we had sun, rain and hail.

1. Nico (337 kB)

2. Padina Crucii (110 kB)

3. Nico talking (359 kB)

4. Tiganesti valley (96 kB)

5. Tiganesti lake and Padina Crucii (159 kB)

6. Rain (135 kB)

7. Lots of snow and clouds (114 kB)

8. At the end of the ascent (84 kB)

9. Nico in the saddle (98 kB)

10. Towards Bran, Nico (203 kB)

11. Coborand spre Bran, Eu (231 kB)