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Pictures list from June 6th, 2004

Very short trip (only 4 hours, from 5.30pm to 9.30pm) from Cheia to Gropsoare Peak - La Rascruce - Muntele Rosu . The initial plan called for camping somewhere in the main ridge but since I walked faster than the initial expectations I decided to make it a day trip. Even with a nasty forecast I was lucky enough not to get any rain; just before the sunset the sun actually emerged from the clouds! Thanks to Elvis Grandin for the phone support :-).

1. The main ridge covered by clouds (89 kB)

2. Where the forest ends (240 kB)

3. Sheeps and shepherds (167 kB)

4. Cheia seen from above (77 kB)

5. The main ridge (106 kB)

6. Cheia again (80 kB)

7. Clouds and mountains in the sunset (128 kB)

8. Sunset (78 kB)

9. Somewhere on the mountain (58 kB)