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Pictures list from June 11th, 2004

The first longer trip for this year. I've left Friday afternoon the village of Rasinari (next to Sibiu); after walking for 4 hours, mostly in the rain, I've reached Poiana Tomnatic where I camped. The following day, Saturday, the weather was nice in the morning; after walking for one hour I've met Irina at Gradina Oncesti and we walked together the 25km thru Cindrel Peak to Oasa chalet . The weather worsened after noon so there were some scenes of rain. After a good sleep at the chalet we left towards Sebes around noon on Sunday; we got a ride for some 5km, then walked another 8km and finally got another ride which helped us to reach the city of Sebes around 5pm.

1. In Poiana Lupului (373 kB)

2. A view towards the summit (131 kB)

3. Me (120 kB)

4. Iezerele Cindrelului (153 kB)

5. Irina in the rain (96 kB)

6. A rainbow towards Rasinari (80 kB)

7. On the summit (134 kB)

8. In the sunset (71 kB)

9. Well soaked (179 kB)

10. At the Oasa chalet (212 kB)