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Pictures list from June 11th, 2004

The first longer trip for this year. I've left Friday afternoon the village of Rasinari (next to Sibiu); after walking for 4 hours, mostly in the rain, I've reached Poiana Tomnatic where I camped. The following day, Saturday, the weather was nice in the morning; after walking for one hour I've met Irina at Gradina Oncesti and we walked together the 25km thru Cindrel Peak to Oasa chalet . The weather worsened after noon so there were some scenes of rain. After a good sleep at the chalet we left towards Sebes around noon on Sunday; we got a ride for some 5km, then walked another 8km and finally got another ride which helped us to reach the city of Sebes around 5pm.

1. In Poiana Lupului

2. A view towards the summit

3. Me

4. Iezerele Cindrelului

5. Irina in the rain

6. A rainbow towards Rasinari

7. On the summit

8. In the sunset

9. Well soaked

10. At the Oasa chalet