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Pictures list from June 19th, 2004

Superb one-day trip in my favourite mountains. I've left Bucharest with the 6.23am train bound from Pitesti, then took two minibuses to Curtea de Arges and Capataneni where I was lucky enough to get a quick thumb ride from two hikers which went to Balea by car so I reached the Oticu river mouth (actually Buda's) way faster than thought - 10.30am. I then walked the 17km/10mi of forestry road up to Podul Giurgiului then took the Orzaneaua Mare valley up to the main ridge, on Orzanelelor Saddle . More snow than my expectations! I've kept the ridge up to Podragu Saddle then went down thru Podragu and Turnuri chalets to Victoria . I didn't arrive in Victoria in time to catch the last bus so I've slept a night outside, in a field.

1. Hiking the Buda valley

2. The upper part of Buda

3. With the remains of a victim

4. A stream under the snow

5. Orzaneaua Mare, first glacial step

6. Waterfall and snowbridge in upper Orzaneaua Mare valley

7. The last glacial step

8. The Vistea Mare valley, with Victoria far away

9. The Moldoveanu Peak

10. The Orzaneaua Mica glacial valley

11. The Podragu glacial valley, with the partly frozen lake

12. An ibex

13. Two more ibexes

14. At the Turnuri Chalet