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Pictures list from July 24th, 2004

Alpi Marittime. The nicest trip for this summer. The bus left me at Terme di Valdieri (1365m) then I followed the former military road up to some 1730m. From there the climb of Val Miana starts (at the beginning there's water in the valley, later it becomes dry) and it lasts up to the Colle di Valmiana (2922m). From there I descended on the other side to the Rifugio Dante Bianco chalet (1850m) then walked the Meris valley to Sant'Anna (1010m) where I was lucky enough to get picked up by the second car which I waved. A beautiful daytrip, as I like: high and wild. Unfortunately there was fog for three quarters of the time.

1. The former military road (300 kB)

2. Looking across the valley (93 kB)

3. At a trail split (333 kB)

4. Dried valley which I followed (110 kB)

5. During a break (224 kB)

6. In the saddle (66 kB)

7. A former military hut (192 kB)

8. A spectacular rock (107 kB)

9. Vallone della Meris (87 kB)

10. The trail leading down (272 kB)

11. An ibex on my path (357 kB)

12. The places where I came from (81 kB)

13. Well soaked (214 kB)