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Pictures list from August 21st, 2004

A trip very similar to the one two months ago (June the 19th). I've reached Gura Oticu again by hitchhiking a bit later than expected, around 11h10; the 17km/10mi to Stanele din Podul Giurgiului went quickly . From there I intended to climb Moldoveanu Peak but a pack of dogs which I've met in the forest made me turn back; I took a very well maintained sheperds' trail and finally I reached the main ridge in Fereastra Orzanelelor , exactly like two monthds before. From there I walked eastwards, climbed Vistea Mare summit then descended towards Portita Vistei the finally descended towards Victoria , with the last two hours in the dark.

1. Forest destroyed by avalanche (266 kB)

2. Podul Giurgiului (133 kB)

3. Orzanelei valley, first glacial step (140 kB)

4. Clouds towards south (124 kB)

5. Vistea Mare valley (158 kB)

6. Mountains, fog and clouds (91 kB)

7. Vistea Mare summit (57 kB)

8. Moldoveanu triangle lake (121 kB)

9. Again the lake (113 kB)

10. The last snowpatch for this summer (124 kB)

11. Sunset with the main ridge as background (235 kB)