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Pictures list from August 31st, 2004

Magnificent night-time trip on the itinerary Cabana Capra (23h45) - Capra Lake (02h00) - Capra Saddle (02h30) - Laitel Peak - Caltun Refuge (05h30) - upper Paltinu glacial valley (07h00-08h30 + 90min of sleep up to 10h00) - southern entrance of Transfagarasan Tunnel (10h40) - Capra Chalet (11h45) . Even as the was a heavy rain in that evening until 7pm I had the luck to get an absolutely cloudless sky so I had to use the flashlight only in places the moon was covered by mountains. As from the similar night-time trip of June 2003 I have unforgettable memories from it.

1. Before start (130 kB)

2. At the 4 Climbers Memorial (49 kB)

3. Paltinu upper glacial valley (181 kB)

4. The sun has risen (142 kB)

5. Laitel Peak (119 kB)

6. Exit from Paltinu upper glacial valley (134 kB)

7. Upper Capra valley (173 kB)

8. Capra Chalet seen from above (151 kB)

9. After twelve hours (278 kB)