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Pictures list from September 5th, 2004

It was supposed to be an easy trip but in the end turned out to be quite demanding for the trekkers. We got off the train at Timisul de JOs around 10.30am; then we headed towards the Sapte Scari canyon which we climbed (Elvis and myself took the canyon-avoiding route due to slippery boots ). After the canyon we proceeded to the lookout from the Drumul Familial ; here Bogdan and Elvis opted to split from us and descend. The other four proceeded towards Pestera de Ghiata ; the descent was by Sirul Stancilor .

1. Everyone (358 kB)

2. Nico on the big ladder (218 kB)

3. Resting on a bench (301 kB)

4. With Nico at the lookout (339 kB)

5. View from the lookout (185 kB)

6. In Pestera de Gheata (219 kB)

7. Again in the cave (238 kB)

8. At the cave entrance (333 kB)

9. Myself trying to descend (293 kB)

10. Radu with Sabina (270 kB)

11. Done with the cave (273 kB)

12. Along Sirul Stancilor (219 kB)

13. Going down (303 kB)

14. Nico having some rest (300 kB)