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Pictures list from September 22nd, 2004

Yosemite National Park, California. I've left the car at Tioga Pass (3033m) and climbed Dana Peak (3985m). Up to 3200m there were trees, up to 3600m grass and for the last 400m bare rock. Just below the summit there were some small snowpatches.

1. Tenaya Lake (278 kB)

2. Dana Point (318 kB)

3. The Mono lake (181 kB)

4. Snowy ridges (234 kB)

5. The trailhead (268 kB)

6. Again Tenaya Lake, this time far away (159 kB)

7. High Sierra (204 kB)

8. High Sierra also (200 kB)

9. With the moon at sunset (91 kB)