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Pictures list from September 23th, 2004

Death Valley National Park, California. During the previous day I started to climb at over 3000m this time the elevation of the starting point was -70m ... so 70 de metri below the sea level! There were two trips in two neighbouring canyons: First Desolation Narrows (which I also visited 9 months ago) for about 30minutes rountrip and then Golden Canyon until it ends at Zabriskie Point (some 450m elevation).

1. Used to be a road here

2. Desolation Narrows

3. A wider canyon

4. A side canyon

5. The Red Cathedral

6. Manly Beacon

7. Looking towards the valley

8. Warnings

9. Former mines

10. Another damaged road

11. Disaster in the parking lot

12. Sunset

13. Colors in Gower Gulch

14. Leftover from the flood