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Pictures list from October 24th, 2004

I took advantage of an unexpected nice weather period and the moon nearly full for a last day/night trip during my favourite mountains for this autumn. I climbed the path from the southern entrance of the Transfagarasan tunnel until the main ridge , which I took westwards for 4 hours up to the Negoiu Peak . When returning it took me 6 hours due to night fall and the three diversions: First I used the avoiding version through Strunga Doamnei ; from Caltun, after the night fell, I continued thru Caldarea Paltinului , from where I went up again to the main ridge ; finally the descent from Paltinu Saddle directly to the Balea Lake . Unexpectedly warm for this period; again I had luck seeing four ibexes next to Caltun. During the four hours of night walk the moon was enough for orientation.

1. Lots of colors on the road (286 kB)

2. Still lots of colors, on Transfagarasan (418 kB)

3. Balea Lake seen from the main ridge (249 kB)

4. Caldarusa Lunga (309 kB)

5. Caldarea Paltinului (285 kB)

6. Climbing towards Laitel Peak (256 kB)

7. On the Laitel Peak (123 kB)

8. An ibex (100 kB)

9. Two more ibexes (164 kB)

10. All the family (204 kB)

11. The Caltun Lake and Shelter (353 kB)

12. Inside Strunga Dracului (304 kB)

13. Vidraru Lake as seen from the Negoiu Peak (183 kB)

14. Negoiu Peak (147 kB)

15. Moonrise at Caltun (53 kB)