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Pictures list from October 31st, 2004

A replay, at a smaller scale, of the last week's trip. Because I wasn't alone anymore the itinerary was much shorter: Climb from the southern tunnel entrange until the main ridge , then eastwards thru Capra Saddle towards Vanatoarea lui Buteanu Peak ; then we returned through Vaiuga valley to Balea Lake chalet . Same incredible weather for this time of the year; unlike last time, when I only met a single group, today we met tens of people. Elvis preffered to wait for us at the chalet.

1. One week later (258 kB)

2. Nico on the Transfagarasan road (382 kB)

3. Nico and Elvis next to the Capra Chalet (323 kB)

4. Nico complaining somewhere on the main ridge (317 kB)

5. The Capra and Caprita lakes (275 kB)

6. Nico talking on phone to Elvis (317 kB)

7. The Vaiuga valley (172 kB)

8. Sun is setting (164 kB)

9. Nico and snow (291 kB)