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Pictures list from February 13th, 2005

Easy trip from Predeal (Cioplea) to the Susai chalet on a well-defined trail; from the chalet we initially wanted to proceed towards Azuga valley but as the trail was not open we decided to turn back some one kilometer from the chalet. When passing by the chalet on our return leg we've also taken a hot tea which helped us warm up after playing in the snow.

1. On the trail from Cioplea to Susai (312 kB)

2. Myself in the snow (280 kB)

3. Elvis at a trail split (302 kB)

4. View from Susai (270 kB)

5. Happiness in the snow (295 kB)

6. Again feeling the snow (318 kB)

7. Elena and Mioara (316 kB)

8. Turning back (302 kB)

9. The Bucegi range (315 kB)

10. Again at the chalet (320 kB)

11. Looking towards Garbova (290 kB)

12. Garbova again (305 kB)