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Pictures list from February 23th, 2005

Winter camp organised by Clubul Alpin Galati (see here for details in Romanian) with Marian Anghel as trainer. Learning had a theoretical part (afternoons and evenings) and we also had 3 days going out in the Morarului valley (first day: A bit more than Poiana cu Urzici; second: climb of Timbalul Morarului; third: climb of Rapa Zapezii up to the Rapa Crucii-Rapa Mare split). In the four days I've learnt a lot of new things in a lot of areas linked to mountain hiking and trekking.

1. At Pichetu Rosu

2. Learning to make knots

3. Practicing harnesses

4. Morarului ridge

5. Going up towards Timbal Peak

6. Practicing stopping on snow

7. Dining

8. Me and a dog

9. View towards Piatra Mare range

10. Climbing Rapa Zapezii

11. Everyone at the end