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Pictures list from April 17th, 2005

Again a full crossing of the mountain but not the usual Sorth-North but an unusual one for me, West-East. I've climbed from Timisu de Sos thru Tamina up to Piatra Mare summit ; from there I went down towards Piatra Mare chalet then a seldom traveled trail in the Garcinul Mic valley up to the forestry road on the Garcinul Mare valley .

1. A panel at Tamina (321 kB)

2. The exit from the Tamina Canyon (390 kB)

3. Plenty of water in the canyon (323 kB)

4. The snow has started (328 kB)

5. View towards Bucegi (133 kB)

6. The Postavaru range (153 kB)

7. Snow in the main plateau (81 kB)

8. The trail, lost in the snow (352 kB)

9. The Ciucas range (80 kB)

10. Close to a rock (310 kB)

11. The eastern cliffs (170 kB)