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Pictures list from May 10th, 2005

Nice spring trip on the eastern side of the mountain. I've climbed from Cheia by Gropsoare-Zaganu-La Rascruce up to the former Ciucas chalet then I descended by Berii valley . Encountered serious snow just between Chirusca Saddle and the former chalet. Being a tuesday I haven't met anyone during the day.

1. View from Cheia (118 kB)

2. Zaganul and Gropsoare (207 kB)

3. Waiting for the shepherds (224 kB)

4. Ciucas style rocks (248 kB)

5. Muntele Rosu and the western ridge (92 kB)

6. On the ridge (274 kB)

7. On Gropsoare Peak (85 kB)

8. Ciucas Summit seen from Zaganu (117 kB)

9. The remains of Ciucas chalet (148 kB)

10. Plenty of snow when going down (247 kB)

11. A fallen giant (352 kB)

12. At the end (147 kB)