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Pictures list from June 13th, 2005

We weren't so lucky with the weather in this easy one-day trip. We've left the car around Plaiul Foii chalet then we climbed on the 'La Lanturi' trail until the entry in the rocky portion, called La Zaplaz .

1. At the beginning of the trip (280 kB)

2. A break on a log (329 kB)

3. At the Spirla shelter (212 kB)

4. Holes in the wall, La Zaplaz (252 kB)

5. Plenty of snow in Iezer and Fagaras (159 kB)

6. Towards Marele Grohotis (158 kB)

7. Nicoleta heading down (350 kB)

8. Plenty of snow under La Zaplaz (252 kB)

9. In the rain (297 kB)

10. Sunny main ridge (237 kB)