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Pictures list from July 8th, 2005

Nice but demanding trip. Climbed from Busteni to the Omu chalet by the direct trail thru Cerbului valley then descended towards Bran thru Ciubotea-Poarta . Especially the descent was interesting, both because it was a first for me and for the relative difficulty of the trail. There was still snow up there, more than I expected.

1. Damage on the Cerbului valley (351 kB)

2. Upper Cerbului valley (260 kB)

3. Glacial landscape (180 kB)

4. The upper glacial valley (174 kB)

5. The Omu chalet (162 kB)

6. The upper Gaura valley (146 kB)

7. Plenty of markings (136 kB)

8. Looking towards Malaiesti chalet (163 kB)

9. Village of Bran and Piatra Craiului range (69 kB)

10. Going down (216 kB)

11. An impressing wall (253 kB)