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Pictures list from July 30th, 2005

We left the car next to Capra Chalet on the Transfagarasan road then climbed up to Fereastra Zmeilor on the main ridge. From here we took the northern trail to Podragu Chalet , then Podragu Saddle then the main ridge back until just before Fereastra Zmeilor from where we descended freely towards the Fereastra Zmeilor Shelter then to the car . Eigth full hours of trekking, out of which two under rain.

1. Fundul Caprei upper valley (245 kB)

2. Carmen and Radu on snow (258 kB)

3. Lake Podragel (250 kB)

4. Well soaked (238 kB)

5. Podragu Lake and Chalet (257 kB)

6. Podragu glacial valley (262 kB)

7. A southern ridge (217 kB)

8. A short break (266 kB)

9. Lots of snow in Podul Giurgiului (251 kB)

10. Podul Giurgiului Lake (233 kB)

11. Same lake (252 kB)

12. Free descent (258 kB)

13. Stealing (262 kB)