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Pictures list from August 22nd, 2005

I noticed some time ago the painted text 'Padina Lancii' (==Lancii valley) on the trail which goes from Plaiul Foii towards Saua Funduri and after reading in the Emilian Cristea's book that the valley is reasonably easy and can be climbed without techincal means I tried to walk it up to the main ridge. Still it was too technical for me so I decided to give up some half-way. Even so it was a beautiful trip: Plaiul Foii - Spirla Shelter - La Umeri - Padina Lancii entrance (here there were some ~200m height difference climbed and descended on the valley ) - Prepeleag - Crucea Granicerului then going back to Plaiul Foii on Drumul Granicerilor (the Bordermen Trail) .

1. The first wall (276 kB)

2. Strange layers (254 kB)

3. Entrance to Lancii valley (265 kB)

4. Criminal deforestation (224 kB)

5. Problems in Lancii valley (271 kB)

6. Mountain goats (264 kB)

7. Goats again (253 kB)

8. Ligths, shadows and verticals (280 kB)

9. Marele grohotis (264 kB)

10. Deforestation (270 kB)

11. Looking back (249 kB)