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Pictures list from August 31st, 2005

Again in Retezat after being sent back home by the rain three weeks before. Like then the first day was the climb from Carnic to Pietrele Chalet where again I had a great time. The second day I walked on the trail Pietrele - Culmea Lolaia - Retezat Summit - Retezat saddle and took the Stanisoara valley for return; the third day was the busiest: Pietrele - Gentiana chalet - Bucura Saddle then the main ridge over Bucura 1 Summit up to Retezatului Saddle ; from here the descent was again Stanisoara Valley up to Pietrele then 5 more miles until the bridge over the Nucsoara stream .

1. A billboard at the main entrance (253 kB)

2. The same four valleys (220 kB)

3. Lolaia South Peak (257 kB)

4. On the Retezat Summit (229 kB)

5. The northern ridge (239 kB)

6. Stanisoara lakes (277 kB)

7. Gentiana chalet (274 kB)

8. Sunrise over Stanisoara (243 kB)

9. At Bordu Tomii (275 kB)

10. Pietrele Lake and Bucura Saddle (251 kB)

11. Bucura 2 Peak (263 kB)

12. The Bucura Lake seen from above (246 kB)

13. The Bucura 2 Peak again (235 kB)