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Pictures list from September 17th, 2005

Felix invited me to a two-day trip that definitely had to include a certain part of the Main Ridge called Custura Saratii. After leaving our car at the Balea Lac chalet we walked the tunnel and from its south entrance we took the trail which crosses thru the Paltinu upper valley until we reached Caltun Lake . From here we continued on the main ridget itself through Strunga Dracului, Negoiu Peak and Custura Saratii (this one partially during darkness) until Serbota Peak which was reached at 9pm. The descent to the Negoiu Chalet took us two more hours. Next day, under some cloudy skies and with some rain periods we climbed Piatra Pranzului and Strunga Ciobanului back to the Caltun Lake then we continued on the main ridge until the Paltinu saddle from where we finally descended to Balea Lake and our car.

1. Looking towards Cota 2000 (238 kB)

2. The Paltinu upper glacial valley (245 kB)

3. Looking down towards Piscu Negru (239 kB)

4. Strunga Dracului, quite crowded (255 kB)

5. Myself in Custura Saratii (242 kB)

6. Somewhere in Custura Saratii (242 kB)

7. Dense fog on Serbota Peak (181 kB)

8. Next morning at the Negoiu Chalet (255 kB)

9. Light and Dark on the Gnomes Trail (263 kB)

10. On the Laitel Peak (225 kB)

11. Felix (263 kB)