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Pictures list from October 5th, 2005

After a seven-year break here I am again in this rarely-travelled range. I've left the car in the Valea Badenilor village; after walking 4km on the forestry road a heavy truck took me up to a forestry worksite some 1160m high on the road to Curmatura Tancovei; I've followed the road up to the main ridge . From the saddle it took me an extra hour to reach the Leaota summit . The descent was over the Vaja Ridge until the end of the Vaja valley forestry road . The last 4km of this road were in another heavy truck.

1. The forestry road (266 kB)

2. The road seen from above (236 kB)

3. In the Tancovei saddle (232 kB)

4. The Vaja ridge (221 kB)

5. A strange cross (248 kB)

6. The cross and the central heights (258 kB)

7. In the summit (244 kB)

8. The Vaja shepherd's house (269 kB)