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Pictures list from February 11th, 2006

We've left the car at Uzina Veche (10km/6mi from Rasnov) then went to the Malaiesti Salvamont Chalet in four hours, out of which three in daylight and one after sunset (full moon); at the beginning we've also lost the trail so we had to climb the steep bank of a small river. After a good sleep at the chalet we desceneded the same route. The snow level was far smaller than my expectations for this time of year.

1. Everyone at Uzina Veche (244 kB)

2. The heights can be seen (260 kB)

3. At the Reservation boundary (258 kB)

4. Bogdan climbing (235 kB)

5. During a break (239 kB)

6. Myself, close to the chalet (257 kB)

7. Inside the chalet (238 kB)

8. Morning (219 kB)

9. View towards the summits (232 kB)

10. Bucsoiul (251 kB)

11. Before leaving (241 kB)

12. The Salvamont chalet (264 kB)

13. Snow formations (255 kB)

14. In a clearing (245 kB)