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Pictures list from March 28th, 2006

Short half-day trip; it started at Busteni (Caminul Alpin) following the trail which leads to la Cleste Saddle passing Gura Diham Chaleta ; before the saddle I turned right thru the forest, descended then climbed back the banks of Valea Seaca a Baiului in order to emerge on Grecului Peak ; the descent was towards Azuga first on the snowy hills then directly thru the river bed.

1. Bucegi Mountains seen from Busteni (254 kB)

2. Lots of snow in the forest (266 kB)

3. A boulevard (267 kB)

4. View from Grecului Saddle (223 kB)

5. Coltii Morarului (223 kB)

6. The final valley (258 kB)