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Pictures list from April 23th, 2006

A remake of a trip made two years ago. From the Bratocea Pass we've climbed up to the Cicuas summit; the descent was towards the former Ciucas Chalet until we reached an unnamed saddle where the path meets the other trail coming from Tigailor Saddle but avoiding the main summit ; from here we took that trail back to Tigailor Saddle then we descended back to the pass following our own footsteps .

1. After two years (239 kB)

2. During a break (291 kB)

3. The first snow patch (233 kB)

4. Plenty of snow by now (224 kB)

5. The central area (252 kB)

6. Myself and a pole (195 kB)

7. On the summit (241 kB)

8. Zaganul (243 kB)

9. Snowy boulders (248 kB)

10. With Razvan and a bent pole (195 kB)