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Pictures list from May 28th, 2006

Nice trip built around the rarely used trail which climbs from Poiana Stanii thru Paraul Alb and Paraul Sterp valleys to the southern edge of the Zaganu ridge. We've had quite a diverse weather but perfect for us: ugly, fog and a bit of rain for the climb; clear and sunny on the main ridge; cloudy for the descent; finally heavy rain on the forestry road out from the mountain. Cheia - culmea Buzaianu - Stanii clearing - Paraul Alb river - southern end of Zaganu ridge - La Rascruce - 500m towards Muntele Rosu up to a small saddle where we caught one of the waters which later would form the Groupsoare river which we followed up to our car.

1. The moust beautiful pole (258 kB)

2. Rocks over the trail (263 kB)

3. During a break (244 kB)

4. We've reached the ridge (239 kB)

5. Boulders (246 kB)

6. Myself in the ridge (254 kB)

7. An impressive boulder (254 kB)

8. Looking back (213 kB)

9. Fog towards East (212 kB)

10. Last snowpatches of this year (232 kB)

11. At the start of the descent (231 kB)

12. Valley riverbed (249 kB)

13. A suspended house (266 kB)

14. Looking from the bottom (216 kB)