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Pictures list from July 23th, 2006

It has became a custom for me to cross the massif every year from South to North starting in Buda valley. This year I continued thru Izvorul Podul Giurgiului up to Podragu Saddle ; initially I wanted to descend over Muchia Tarata but, like the previous year, I ran out of time so I had to take again the standard valley floor route to Victoria.

1. On Buda valley (263 kB)

2. Forest destroyed by avalanche (259 kB)

3. Upper valley of Podul Giurgiului (253 kB)

4. A big snowpatch (248 kB)

5. The valley gets deeper (244 kB)

6. Looking back (240 kB)

7. A small snowy lake (247 kB)

8. The sun is setting (251 kB)

9. Muchia Tarata (223 kB)