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Pictures list from September 7th, 2006

From Busteni I've climbed Valea Alba (the White Valley) up to the plateau; I was amazed by the giant snow patch in the valley which for sure will last until the next winter. The descent was by Caraiman Chalet and Jepi Valley .

1. Busteni City seen from La Verdeata (259 kB)

2. Albisoarelor Wall (261 kB)

3. The valley seen from below (268 kB)

4. Valea Alba Wall (254 kB)

5. Stepping on the snow (270 kB)

6. Next to the snowpatch (253 kB)

7. The highest point in the snow (263 kB)

8. Water under the snow (178 kB)

9. Further up (256 kB)

10. On the plateau (248 kB)