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Pictures list from October 4th, 2006

I wasn't able to find much material on the Internet regarding Valea lui Stan in the southern Fagaras range so I walked somehow into unknown territory... and what I found there exceeded all my expectations! I consider this to be one of the best trails in Romania - and I've seen quite a lot of them! During the two-hour ascent (including breaks) the landscape is terribly wild and the valley is either a quiet riverbed dotted with small rocks or raging waterfalls. There are 8-10 metallic ladders and more cable handrails; unfortunately they're quite damaged but on the other hand some kind people repaired them recently in some spots. However the trail is dangerous and I reccomend it only to the ones with a good sense of equilibrium; there are some places where a wrong step will send you 10-20 meters lower in the river. Towards the end there is a place when one has to go thru the river itself; the water is more than knee-high.

1. Typical valley landscape (270 kB)

2. The first waterfall (266 kB)

3. A larger waterfall (258 kB)

4. A tributary (263 kB)

5. The trail (261 kB)

6. The largest ladder (265 kB)

7. The bottom of the largest ladder (266 kB)

8. Another small lake (261 kB)

9. A helpful tree (259 kB)

10. Two waterfalls (262 kB)

11. Another lake (264 kB)

12. The end dam (266 kB)

13. At the end (250 kB)