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Pictures list from March 25th, 2007

Nice trip on a day which seemed ugly when I've left Bucharest. I climbed from Predeal to the Garbova chalet to Clabucetul Taurului; the descent was towards Azuga . In the cities (Predeal and Azuga) there wasn't any snow left but around 1300m there were already 12-15 inches and close to the summit more than 20 inches of snow; it was cloudy but still it was a nice day and every now an then there was sunshine too.

1. Not much snow left (260 kB)

2. The snowguns are now silent (279 kB)

3. Noone on the slopes (213 kB)

4. Snow falling from the trees (260 kB)

5. The Garbova chalet (263 kB)

6. The first of the chalet guards (216 kB)

7. An the second guard (221 kB)

8. The first hill (233 kB)

9. And the second one (208 kB)

10. Four colors (206 kB)

11. Young trees (258 kB)

12. The end of the trail (251 kB)