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Pictures list from April 8th, 2007

Relaxing four hour trip. I walked the mile between the Timisu de Jos railway station and Dambu Morii chalet in 15 minutes then took Sipoaia valley thru the Sapte Scari canyon until its upper end ; later I took the Prapastia Ursului trail to the lookout ; for the descent, again to Dambu Morii, I took the Family Route .

1. A tree is blocking the way (262 kB)

2. The entrance to the canyon (268 kB)

3. A double waterfall (248 kB)

4. Snow and water (256 kB)

5. Myself on a bench (255 kB)

6. A very pleasant trail (256 kB)

7. The Postavaru massif blanketed by snow (223 kB)

8. Piatra Mare plateau (241 kB)