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Pictures list from June 22nd, 2007

From the Turnu dam I walked towards La Troita then continued towards the central heights but I was forced to turn back due to the lack of water at the dry La Troc spring ; I changed plans so I went to Stanisoara Monastery then to the Gardului (Urzicii) waterfall which amazed me with its beauty. The descent was from the Monastery to Pausa railway stop .

1. View from the Turnu dam (236 kB)

2. At Troita (242 kB)

3. The dried spring La Troc (244 kB)

4. Nice view towards the Olt (240 kB)

5. Gardului waterfall (260 kB)

6. The upper part (264 kB)

7. Brightness (258 kB)

8. The Stanisoara monastery (260 kB)

9. A map at the monastery (239 kB)