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Pictures list from July 2nd, 2007

After two years I left for Retezat with big plans but I've been forced to adjust them because of the rain. During the first day I went from Carnic to Pietrele chalet ; the second I trekked on the Culmea Lolaia up to the Retezat summit ; just before reaching the summit the thunderstorm started, with lots of thunders and flashes; since it rained for three hours I was forced to descend towards Retezat saddle then back to the chalet on the Stanisoara valley . For the third day it took me 2 and a half hours for the forestry road from Pietrele to Nucsoara village .

1. The Lolaia waterfall (252 kB)

2. Culmea Lolaia (246 kB)

3. Stanisoara upper glacial valley (260 kB)

4. The Retezat summit (257 kB)

5. Hail (252 kB)

6. The end of the ascent (229 kB)

7. Looking down from the peak (264 kB)

8. Stanisoara lake (260 kB)

9. A glacial floor (253 kB)

10. Rapids on the valley (256 kB)

11. The former chalet (251 kB)

12. Here I stayed (266 kB)

13. My roommates (186 kB)