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Pictures list from July 14th, 2007

After a two-year pause here I am again going in the mountains with my (former) wife; unfortunately the itinerary chosen by me (with only some 500m elevation difference when going up - an easy trail as I considered) was considered to be too difficult by the girls which stated that they no more saw the beauty of the mountain because of the leg pain :-( . From the southern end of the Transfagarasan tunnel (2035m) we climbed to the main ridge trail at Fereastra Balei (2300m) then continued westwards to Saua Paltinu, Laitel peak up to Caltun refuge ; from here we descended some 200m down to elevation 1967m ; where these two trails split: I continued alone to the tunnel in order to retrieve the car while the other four, more tired, continued down towards Piscu Negru .

1. Adriana and Nicoleta at the trail head (265 kB)

2. Girls crossing a creek (256 kB)

3. Lunch break (261 kB)

4. With my wife on a snowpatch (237 kB)

5. Strong winds on the ridge (240 kB)

6. At Paltinu saddle (247 kB)

7. Everyone (278 kB)

8. Mara's name written on snow (246 kB)

9. Nicoleta on the Laitel summit (239 kB)

10. We're closing on the Caltun lake (242 kB)

11. Paltinu upper glacial valley (261 kB)